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Very good food places this airline at the forefront of Europe. On the constructive aspect, the amusement is best, there is a WLAN property in most flights, and intra-European flights area unit slightly big-ticket compared to different airlines. Quite good as aspect.


Our flight to the capital of Colorado was not crowded as we were imagining however once more, good crew, quick baggage come back and the stringed instrument among the shut our mind with their smooth voice. Would like to praise American Airlines.


From the arrival method in KUL – arrival at the city, then the services on each fleet, superb in-flight amusement & services, in-flight gifts like travel pouch, traveler handling services, and in-flight duty-free product which I bought Emirates goodies, leaving & dismemberment of salutation on each flight merely was superb.


Avianca is adding more facilities to the business category from the twentieth Gregorian calendar month thus for the come-back flight I am accustomed, while having a great experience of food, sleeping, watching movies on the flight. I like it!


Wow, Air China!! The food is de facto average, the economy class only porridge and pickles, and can't choose anymore. It provides free Wi-Fi, for it can only watch some documentaries and films. Although the seats of Air China 77W are very comfortable, the space between the seats is incredibly large and comfy. PTV is slow to reply, but it contains lots of films. The landing was very smooth.


As we stepped out of the plane, every steward warmly expressed thanks and said goodbye. The price of the Air China ticket is very cheap, only 500 yuan. This is amazing and fairly to all the fellow passengers. Good.


I flew to Thailand but with the Coronavirus, they canceled the flight from Bangkok to London and wouldn't help to bring people back or give a refund so that we can take alternative flights. They were a very helpful airline. Once they get your money they care about the customers. Nice.


Normally, I prefer an updated and brightly lit cabin, but the Boeing 744 brought something special. Their food is questionable and their flight was entertaining, can have more selections. They even have a cheap value of money as my trip cost just $500CAD. Overall, they have a great crew and value.


The best airline I have ever seen. Air China takes care of their customers and just always ready to help their customers. The refund policy is wonderful to give back the money if suddenly canceled their flights. Will 100% choose this airline ever again!


Had a pleasing experience flying with Air China. Every service to talk of, the bottom staff are content just speaking at you and being attentive to what you've got to mention or are asking. I had to attend for a brief time to check in. I ordered the vegan option: I used to be given a bun smothered in mayonnaise three cucumber slices, some lettuce, and an orange wedge.


I've had great experiences flying Air China. Attendants are friendly and the food is decent.Although the seats of Air China 7are very comfortable, the space between the seats is incredibly large and comfy. TV is slow to reply, but it contains lots of films. The landing was very perfect.


Air NZ I think I would say are one of the goods I have ever flown with. Customer service to book flights and giving the right information is very good. They help to guide everywhere at the airport. I flew with them because some had said they are world-class but for me,it’s true to being a world-class airline. I think I would fly with them again.


This was the worst airline experience I’ve got ever had. Aero Mexico gave us vouchers for a hotel, transportation, and a few foods. Very generous, thank you. I do recommend flying with Aero Mexico and I especially do recommend flying with them after you have a flight. The staff was helpful and polite and if in the least possible I’d rate my experience with them a 9/10. I’ll be flying with Aero Mexico again.


Aero Mexico was a very delightful experience in so many ways. Food is cookies and coke, chairs are so valuable, onboard Wi-Fi connections with the Internet, Movies working every five minutes, passenger boarding from front to rear instead of rear to front, sufficient overhead storage. Aero Mexico is a total worth flight.


Their customer service is sweet. they appear very helpful but everyone gives a unique solution. Their agents themselves have many ways of contacting them, which looks like a high authority of customer support who can only make decisions about upgrades or refunds. Such a positive and joyful experience.


The care and also the level of service were awesome. The amazing attention to the extent of detail paid by the crew to every passenger was noteworthy. It felt as if you were flying a non-public jet. Having a Flight Chef on board makes an excellent deal of difference within the level of service.


Pretty standard flight. The cabin crew is extremely efficient and chaotic. Toilet dry and cleaned. Seat, food, and entertainment are pretty standard, as we thought.


I loved it, the seats were very comfortable, the food is exquisite, and I loved the napkins to scrub the teeth. Flight entertainment is often a touch more diversified and up to date. At the check-in counter, the woman was very sweet and helpful. Continue the nice work, and searching forward to my next trip.


I won’t to travel on Saudia then I switched to Emirates thanks to an incline within the service level, but my two recent trips have changed my mind completely. From check-in counter to Aircraft condition, food, and beverages to the arrival and collecting the bags is all smooth.


The flight was smooth and therefore the seats and meals are ok. The crew was helpful and cooperative. We've started from Jeddah on time at the new terminal. But the transportation from the terminal to the plane was by bus which was cool.

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