Making a plan for a trip does not only mean getting the bookings for the flight done. There is a lot more to it. To do planning also means calculating the cons of a trip. To know that there might come a time when you will have o cancel your tickets. It’s called understanding the unpredictability of planning. But does that mean knowing that you might have to cancel the trip? Or does it mean to have ways in which the tickets can be withdrawn? Well, if you have booked your flight with Hawaiian airlines, then you should know that by just canceling the tickets, you will not get the amount refunded. You will have to apply for the same separately.

So fo that if you have a question, “how do I cancel and refund Hawaiian airlines?” then you can get the answers from the Hawaiian airline’s customer service numbers. The country-wise customer service numbers for Hawaiian Airlines are as follows: +1-800-367-5320, +1-866-586-9419, and +1-866-389-6654. By calling them, you will have an idea of what the procedure is to cancel your booking and get a refund.

How to cancel your booking and get a refund

Well, by the end of this blog also, you will have an idea of how to cancel your booking and get a refund:

● However, the first step is to refer to the official website to cancel your booking. That is the significant step. Passengers who want to cancel their flights get misled in this first step.

● Many websites may tell you that they can get your tickets canceled, but that is certainly not a reliable source to get the work done. Apart from the official website, no other website has that authority.

● The URL for the official website is You can either copy this URL or directly click on it, and you will be taken to the official page.

● When you land on the page, you will have to go to the “my trip/my bookings” option, whichever is mentioned on the page. Click on that, and you will find that you are asked to enter the booking ID and your name.

● That’s where you can cancel the tickets. Also, the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation fees depend on a lot of factors. One amongst them is the time duration between cancellation of the ticket and booking. The lesser is the duration; the lesser is the fee. 

What are the refund rules of Hawaiian Airlines?

● According to Hawaiian airline’s refund policy, you can get a refund of the tickets only when “refundable” is written on it. Now, you will not get any money back for the non-refundable tickets.

● According to the Hawaiian airlines 24 hours cancellation and refund policy, you will get all the money refunded if you cancel the ticket within the first 24 hours of booking.

● You will only get a refund and be able to cancel the tickets if you have booked the flight tickets through the website. Not otherwise. 

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