When there are uncertainties involved in your trip. You should keep yourself informed about all the cancellation and refund rules and processes of Malaysian Airlines. For that, if you wish to talk to the live person of Malaysian airlines, you can do so. Or you can also write “how do I cancel and refund at Malaysian Airlines?” on the search engine, and these are the pieces of information that you will get about the same. Keep reading, and you will know all the important aspects to the questions like “can I cancel my flight and get a refund?” For call: +60 3-7843 3000 or dial +1 801 630 8358

Malaysian Airline cancellation policy (advantages of knowing):

When someone asks you to read the cancellation and refund policy, just have thought to yourself: Is that even going to be helpful? And guess what? It is going to be very helpful in the following ways:

  • An idea about the penalty: when you cancel the flight tickets, there’s a certain amount involved that will get deducted from your booking amount. There are questions like how much is the penalty for Cancelling a flight? The idea of that amount is your cancellation penalty. It can be tricky to calculate the penalty without reading the cancellation policy.
  • The process: You need to know the process to cancel the flight tickets with Malaysia Airlines. The explanation of the same is given in the Malaysian airlines cancellation policy. So once you give that a read, you will know how to proceed with the same.
  • The help: there can be times when you might get stuck with the processing and understanding of the policy. So, if you read the cancellation policy, you will also have the Malaysia airlines refund contact number through which you will get the guidance required.

In case you have any issues, you can dial the Malaysian airlines customer service number, which is: +60 3-7843 3000 or dial +1 801 630 8358. The above information also includes the Malaysia Airlines refund Policy that goes together with the cancellation policy. Only when you have cancelled the flight tickets will you get a refund of the flight booking.

How do I cancel my Malaysian flight? (process):

You must follow certain steps to get your flight tickets cancelled. Unless you initiate the steps on time, you will not be provided with a refund of your booking amount. So here are the steps:

  • is the URL for the official website. You can click on the link and will be taken to the first page of the official website.
  • Click on “MANAGE”, which will be visible on the first page. This will answer the question, “Can I cancel my flight and get a refund?” Question.
  • In the next step, according to the Malaysia airlines cancellation refund policy, you will have to enter the “TICKET NUMBER” and “PASSENGER’S NAME”.
  • After you have successfully entered these two, you will get access to your travel itinerary, and below that will be the cancellation and refund option.

There can be times when you get stuck, then you can call on the following numbers for help:  +60 3-7843 3000 or dial +1 801 630 8358. Malaysia airlines refund contact numbers.

How much money will be refunded if I cancel my flight ticket?

  • If you cancel the ticket within the first 24 hours, you will not have to pay any penalty.
  • The cancellation penalty rises up to 10% of the booking amount after that time.
  • If you cancel the flight tickets 24 hours before the departure of the flight, then most of your booking amount will be deducted as cancellation penalty.
  • Also, if you do not have a refundable ticket and have cancelled your flight within the first 24 hours, you will not be getting the booking amount back.

For further queries call: +60 3-7843 3000 or dial +1 801 630 8358.


How do I know if my flight is refundable?

When you open a website for online ticket booking. In the process of getting the tickets booked, you will get to choose between “refundable” and “non-refundable”. The price of the two tickets might also vary. So depending on all those you can decide whichever you want to get done. And once you have chosen the same, it is only after that you will get to pay for the same.

How do I claim my ticket on Malaysia Airlines?

You can visit the official website, and there you will find the claim option on the “manage” list. Click on it and enter your PNR number when asked.

How do I confirm my ticket on Malaysia Airlines?

If you are booking the tickets online, you will have the option to enter your details. Once you have successfully entered the name and date of travel, you will get the option to pay. Having done all that, your ticket will get confirmed.

How do I upgrade on Malaysia Airlines?

You can either bid for an upgrade, or you can also wait for the complimentary upgrade. In both cases, it will only be possible if you have booked the flight tickets via the official website.

How can I change my flight date on Malaysia Airlines?

If you have an economy class flight ticket, then you will not be allowed to change the same. However, you can change the date online through the official website for any other class ticket.


The details for “can I get a refund for my cancelled flight?” And how to proceed with the same are given above. There should not be any doubt in the same, but even if you have some, the Malaysia Airlines customer service numbers from where you will connect to the experts are as follows: +60 3-7843 3000 or dial +1 801 630 8358.

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