How much does it cost to change the flight ticket date? Choose the correct source for the correct process. Just like if you have a ticket booked with WestJet and now, due to some reason, you want to know the Procedure to change flight date. Then you will either have to refer to WestJet Airways customer care number USA what are:

Canada: 1-866-6666-6224

Outside Canada: 403-444-2518

If you want to know “how much does it cost to change flight ticket date?” and if the booking is eligible for changes, follow the steps:

● Open the official website of WestJet. The URL for the same is 

● When the website opens, click on the “manage trips” option and then go to “manage flights” you will find the following option on the first page of the website. 

If you fail to get through the process mentioned above, you can dial the WestJet customer care number USA and Canada and get help. These are the numbers:

Canada: 1-866-6666-6224

Outside Canada: 403-444-2518

● Moving ahead with the process, if you are on “manage flights,” when you click on it. You will be asked to write the ticket number and the ticket holder’s name.

● Once you have done that, the ticket you want to change the date will be visible.

● You need to remember that the ticket change policy says that you cannot change the date. If you have completed the login.

● You shall not be allow to change the date of any economy class ticket. For those, you will have to cancel and rebook. 

Then, if you are in a hurry and want professional help in the ticket change process, then you can do that by calling the WestJet customer service number USA or outside.

Canada: 1-866-6666-6224

Outside Canada: 403-444-2518

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