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The official city as well as County of San Francisco, it is a culturally as well as financially rich centre of the U.S. State of California. It is also known to be the 17th most populous city of the country that is located in Northern California.


It is an international airport located in San Mateo County which is at a distance of approximately 21 km south to the Downtown of San Francisco, California. It is known to operate uninterrupted flights to destinations throughout North America and is also considered to be a major gateway to Europe, Middle East as well as Asia.

Airport Info
San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International airport PO Box 8097

Airport hours:
Open 24 hours/ 7 days a week

Recommended arrival time:
90 minutes prior to scheduled flight

+1 650 821 8211

Ticket counter hours:
10 pm to 6 am

Amenities and services:
Airport hotels, 24-hours food option, free Airport WiFi, Mobile charging, Clubs and Lounges.

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