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The state of Veracruz stands out not just for the wonder of its landscapes, beaches, and cities but additionally for the enjoyment and heat of its folks. This lovely state is found to the east of the country and borders the states of Tamaulipas, Tabasco, Chiapas, and Oaxaca. Xalapa is its capital town, you'll admire its historic buildings whose facades show a mix of various bailiwick designs like the govt. Palace and therefore the cathedral.
During your keep, you'll be able to additionally visit the Museo DE AntropologĂ­a e Historia (Museum of social science and History), thought-about one in every of the foremost vital museums within the country.


Veracruz International field is simply twenty-one minutes from Downtown United Mexican States and offers rental cars, shops, restaurants, hotels, and ground transportation.

Airport Info
Veracruz International Airport

Carr. Veracruz-Xalapa Km 13.5, 91698 Veracruz

Airport hours:
Monday to Friday 9:00 – 19:00hrs

Recommended arrival time:
2 hours prior to flight

(229) 925 2254

Ticket counter hours:
9 am to 6 pm

Amenities and services:
Dining, retail, long-term, short-term parking, car rentals.

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